Friday, April 10, 2009

"Woo Hoo!" from the Research Showcase

For those of you who haven't heard yet, this from Dr. Grigar:

"It was a good day for the DTC Program.

First, the DTC Program had a big presence at the Research Showcase. 28 students were involved in projects featured at the event.

The VJ Fleet Team, led by Zach Jepsen, won the "Undergraduate Research Award" at the 2009 Research Showcase. Their project was one of 17 undergraduate projects considered for the prize. Involved in that project was Zach, Ryan Hicks, Ben Hook, Bryce Van Hoosen, Laura Franklin, Phil McArthur, Michael Hatch, Tony Wu, Matt Wright, Jeremy Harget, and Donald Hawthorne. Other cool projects included Ross Swanson, Melissa Vik, Dana Polf, Sophia Stalliviere, Nik Dupuis-Lund & Eric Bahnmiller's project, "Integration of music and digital art," which looked at the relationship between color and music. JJ VanDyke, Tony Wu, Sarah Chesemore, Kerry Mraz & Eric Jackson's poster, "Interactive Artwork Using Web-Based Technologies," used Twitter to produce a community wide poem. Bryce R. VanHoosen, Spring Atkinson, Ben Hook, Cody Reid, Drew Rickman & Robert Thach's project, "Facelife: The Social Network Social Experiment," explored the way social networks may be changing the way we interact in real life.

Second, at FVTV tonight students produced two excellent live video broadcasts. The first group interviewed musician Rob Melton about his school of music and career as a musician. The second organized a discussion with local artists from the community to talk about the state of the arts in Vancouver. The work created tonight at the station will be rebroadcast. Check out for times.

Great work, everyone! We are very proud of you."

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